Thursday, 20 October 2016

Olivier Kugler talk to Visual Communication Students

Visual Communication students have enjoyed meeting illustrator Olivier Kugler and were particularly fascinated to hear about his recent reportage project based on the plight of the Syrian Refugees. 
Médecins Sans Frontières invited Kugler to spend two weeks in Domiz refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. With the help of a translator, Olivier spent two weeks with the refugees who told him their stories of time spent in war torn Syria and their experiences in the refugee camp. During his time there, he took countless photos that are used as reference in order to work on the completed drawings.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Peter Kennard, Off Message Visit

Third year Visual Communication students have enjoyed visiting Peter Kennard's Off Message at the MAC. The exhibition showcases some of Kennard's most important work from 1968 to the present day. His photomontage images leave a lasting impression on the viewer, highlighting causes and concerns that are significant to many. The show runs till Sunday, 27 November

Friday, 14 October 2016

Freefont Noto from Monotype and Google

Google Noto is A typeface five years in the making, and spans more than 100 writing systems in 800 languages, encompassing hundreds of thousands of characters. 

Noto is collaborative effort between Google and Monotype and aimed at being universal method of communication for billions of people around the world accessing digital content.

Download Noto free here - pick the languages you want or download all fonts

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

£2000 Scholarship scheme 2017/18

The University of Wolverhampton has announced the extension of it's Scholarships and bursaries scheme for full-time undergraduate entrance in 2017/18

The Distinction Scholarship is offered to all UK based entrants to degree courses at the University of Wolverhampton who achieve ABB grades or above at A level, grades of distinction, distinction, merit or above at BTEC or an equivalent pass in the Access to HE Diploma. More detail of required passes and grades can be found here.

This scholarship scheme takes the form of a £2000 cash payment which is paid in two instalments in the first year of study only.

For more information on Distinction Scholarships see here

For detail on all University scholarship schemes and bursaries see here

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Begum Yucelay - MA Show

There are nearly 6,500 languages spoken in the world. English is regarded as the global language and although widespread, it is often people’s second or third language. The fact that it is a global language makes it advantageous to learn it. Having said that, people are more able to understand and decode visual languages. This tells us that visual languages do not present us with the same issues as linguistic languages.

In order to learn more about this distinction between the visual and linguistic I am going to analyse different visual languages in detail, which I will apply to different projects. I think that effective communication can solve a lot of problems all over the world. My aim is that, in this global world we live in, people with few educational prospects should be able to get the same information as people with a high level of education.

Tim Wilczura - MA Show

I‘m a metalhead. For most people this just means that I like to listen to heavy metal but for metalheads heavy metal is more than a musical genre – it‘s a way of life! It‘s part of our identity. It‘s being part of a bigger family, united by music and by being different. This is what I want to convey to my audience through my film-project.

I‘m creating a documentary about the heavy-metal and festival-scene in Germany in which I present the people and the atmosphere rather than just the bands and their music. I‘d like to take more of a cinéma vérité approach to the project, to immerse the viewer into the situation, instead of a classical narrative with an explanatory voice-over. Additionally I‘ll create a music-video to the song “Your God” by the German thrash-metalband “Skulled” to utilize my filming experiences from my MA studies.

Kristina Weber - MA Show

“I had a flashback of something that never existed.”

Arms that weep and feet that escape; sad eyes longing for happiness. She throws her head back, spreads her arms wide and everyone can see how much she loves.

Expressing her feelings through movement she dances her heart out.

My MA project explores the theme of an unattainable love through the medium of film and photography, thinking of codes that express a certain feeling and taking on the metaphor of a rose to symbolise that with love inevitably comes pain. While the photographic part focuses on pondered sadness, the film is about breaking out of melancholy. Visualizing the emotional layer of a song through a dance performance inspired by Pina Bausch, I want to change the end of the thorn birds into a positive message: Sometimes you need to let go of a dream which never existed to find happiness. Farewell.

Matthew Walker - MA Show

Modern surveillance has become an integral aspect of culture. The panopticon is the earliest form of mass surveillance. It allowed for perpetual visibility, which is the feeling of being watched when you not necessarily are.

‘The Panopticon’ project is inspired by my research into surveillance culture in the UK, looking at the beginning of surveillance and how it has altered the public perception of the government. My work is split into two components – the first, a sculpture made from slip-casted porcelain to create surveillance cameras, which represents the most symbolic form of surveillance in a realistic manner. The second component is a booklet which delves deeper into different forms of surveillance, combining illustrative and graphic techniques.

Tilman Wagner - MA Show

As we all live on this planet and want to develop, we need to draw on its resources. The variety of our needs and consumption require different materials. For instance, wood, is a renewable resource, whilst plastic is not. 
Plastic is widely used as packaging which presents numerous problems. In 2010 the average consumer in the United Kingdom used 129 plastic bags just once before they were binned. As there is a big demand for plastic in every field of our life, the plastic production is overwhelming. An immeasurable amount of trash is polluting our environment and floating in our sea.
My aim of the project is to show my journey to find a way to force people to watch, and think about uncomfortable topics caused by their own fault, using the example of plastic waste and environmental pollution. By exposing the ruinous effects of plastic I hope to make people think about how they treat the environment.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Maria Anglica Cartagena Varca - MA Show

Through all of my amazing travel experiences I‘ve decided to do an artist book based on my stories about travelling. The book is interactive and allows the reader to discover parts of me and my past.

The structure of the book is different than regular books - you have to discover the book to find out where the next pages are. In the book you might find an object such as a key, feel the texture of sand, or smell a flower. The materials used include wood, metal, found objects and different types of paper. Each page contains a different adventure from my life. The design has an antique feel, reflecting the fact that the stories are from my past. I chose to do the illustrations in the style of Japanese brush paintings, because this fits with my South-East Asian roots and also complements the antique design of the book.